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CJ and Carly purchased the Red Sleigh Inn in late 2018. Having always dreamed of owning and operating a Bed & Breakfast, they decided to take the plunge and live their dream!

CJ grew up in New Hampshire and is originally from the town of Gilmanton. He is an avid bicycle nut, loves the outdoors, including hiking and trail running, and is the best egg maker in town.
Carly is originally from New Zealand and has lived in America since 2006. Having grown up in a family heavily involved in tourism in New Zealand, it was a natural fit to slide into owning and operating a bed & breakfast. Carly also loves the outdoors, enjoying the area with CJ, and their two dogs, Rocko and Ruthie. 

CJ and Carly also have a seven year old son Koen, who is just as excited to be an inn keeper, he will proudly serve coffee to guests as that is his 'specialty' along with helping Carly in the Kitchen, and helping CJ with running items to each room when they need to be cleaned!
CJ, Carly, and Koen all welcome you to their home and bed & breakfast. Learn more about how they came to own a bed and breakfast in Lincoln, New Hampshire...



The Red Sleigh Inn was built in 1902 by James E. Henry. This was his primary residence, built for him and his family. Henry has a long history with the town of Lincoln and was best known for his logging legacy, often considered very controversial for his methods and tactics. He was referred to by some as a "wood butcher" based on his clear cutting methods used in his forestry businesses. Despite his controversial history, we are very thankful for this home and the craftsmanship that went into building it. Many of the original structural components are in place, including beautiful original thin-board hardwood floors, stained glass accents, and ornate detailing within the molding. ​

The Inn

The inn has five guest rooms in total, including accompanying private bathrooms. We encourage guests to enjoy the large living room downstairs with floor to ceiling windows overlooking the back garden. There is also a guest sun porch which is perfect for an early evening snack and glass of wine. Our guest patio looks over the back garden which is full of wild flowers and lots of wildlife such as birds, bees, squirrels and the occasional bear!
Read the article where New England Magazine voted the Red Sleigh Inn, one of the top Bed & Breakfast's in the White Mountains! 

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