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Why Breadcrumbs?

Red Sleigh Inn Bed and Breakfast Home

a little insight

We wanted to share what “follow the breadcrumbs” means to us...

When we first began seriously contemplating how we could make the dream of owning and operating a B&B a reality, it seemed so far fetched and almost unattainable. We had recently lost a very close friend of ours and had experienced some tough life experiences thrown our way. Seeing our friend live her life, unapologetically living what little life left she had, to the upmost, we felt the best way we could honor her life, was to do the same. We both agreed and promised each other, we would follow the breadcrumbs, whatever that might be...a small step closer each time to the end goal. We made a pact that as long as there was a clue, a crumb, a sign...we’d take it and keep moving forward. If the crumbs stopped, then this wasn’t our time. 

As we continued to follow the breadcrumbs and each piece of the puzzle fell into place, often to our bewilderment, our excitement turned from a light hearted chuckle of “ha, imagine if we owned a B&B” to then a barely containable “holy crap we might own a B&B!”

Over a very short period of time, the crumbs rapidly added up, and our dream became a reality. As we stood in the living room of our newly purchased bed and breakfast, we both looked at each, laughed and then cried and then laughed a little more. We couldn't believe where we were standing and what we had accomplished!

We followed each and every one of the breadcrumbs that were placed in front of us, and now, we are living our dream, something that not too long ago was simply thought of as an unrealistic pipe dream! 

We hope that our story encourages the people we meet and to follow their own breadcrumbs and pursue what makes them happy.

Thank you for reading,
With love - Carly and CJ.